Guess who was walking in front of my house today?

I am sure most of you remember back in November when I was out on one of my 13+ mile runs and Frank Conaway and I got into an argument that may or may not have involved Frank Conaway’s conceal carry permitted gun. Quite a few ignorant people demanded to know why I was running in Ashburton on a public sidewalk instead of wondering why our Clerk of the Court was at a house of his in the middle of a work day. You may also remember some of the ignorant, crass, and downright anti-Semitic statements some of his supporters made (you can view some here).

In this article there is an interesting quote from the so-called “Reverend” C.D. Witherspoon:
“We are demanding that this be treated seriously,” said the Rev. C.D. Witherspoon, who demanded the city state’s attorney and the state attorney general “look into these threats posed by Mr. Meister to Frank Conaway as terroristic in nature.”

The so-called “Reverend” compares me with a terrorist because I ran by Frank Conaway’s house while he was walking on his front path and we got into a shouting match.

A funny thing happened today when I was completing my jog through Baltimore around 5:45. I stopped at my house and turned on the front porch light. I then ran down my front path so I could run back up my block and down my alley where I planned to enter my house through the back door. A few seconds after exiting my property I saw a man with a small child and a woman walking toward me as I approached the man meekly said hello. The man was C.D. Witherspoon! Yes the very same C.D. Witherspoon who feels it is “terroristic” when a guy like me happens to be on a public sidewalk while a guy walks down his path was on my block on a public sidewalk about to walk by my house as I walked down my path! Does he now consider himself “terroristic”?

I hope the so-called “Reverend” now understands what a coincidence is and realizes that they can happen in Reservoir Hill just as easily as they can happen in Ashburton.

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15 Responses to Guess who was walking in front of my house today?

  1. cham101 says:

    Not that this has anything to do with Witherspoon but a few weeks ago I walked down Liberty Heights Avenue, right by Frank’s house. I now understand why he needs a gun. There was a crazy toothless man standing out front on the sidewalk screeching like a howler monkey.

  2. reverend c.d. witherspoon says:

    Meister you are a twit who picks on senior citizens and if you think that that sidewalk belongs to you are more of a racist then I thought you were. Yes I saw you the other day but I did not speak. I do not speak to enemies or bullies. I am a licensed and ordained baptist preacher and if you have any further questions about me and my ministry come to my house ready to fight and acting as crazy as you look

    • Adam Meister says:

      Where do you live?
      Where did I say the sidewalk was mine? I call it a “public sidewalk”. The “path” from my front door to the sidewalk is on my property and is mine just like the path from Frank Conaway’s house to the sidewalk in front of his house is his. A path I never set foot on, but one that our liar “senior citizen” clerk of the court said I was on in a few of the versions of the story that he told.
      Interesting that you think I am racist for something that I did not even type or say. Of course that is how you get on TV and in the paper- race baiting. It’s a tired old game Cortly.

      • aaron wilkes says:

        no adam you are the race baiter not cortly as a matter of fact you are worse than a race baiter you are no better than david duke or the kkk harrassing black seniorcitizens

  3. Joe C. says:

    Rev. Witherspoon, it is evidenced in your comment that you are no true man of God. Are you in it (the religion game) for the tax sheltering or to use your congregation as an ATM. Get out of “politics” and get back to the Lord.

    • reverend c.d. witherspoon says:

      You sir, are by no means an authority on the subject matter unless you have a heaven to keep me out of, or a hell to put me

  4. Former Pigtown Advocate says:

    Looks like the “reverend” is yet another in a long string of black men using religion as a dodge instead of getting honest work…as yes, Men of God don’t behave as he does. If you drive through Baltimore’s worst neighborhoods, you see often nothing but liquor stores and churches…two institutions that aren’t doing shit to help the black community, and are generally being instrumental in bringing it down.

    Adam’s a bully? Maybe if you define “bully” as someone

    • reverend c.d. witherspoon says:

      Obviously you are a racist since you feel comfortable making blanket statements about African American men, and the African American experience. I am sure that you are just as ignorant as you sound. I am not surprised that your Adams friend, except for the fact that as much as I think he’s a bully, he’s atleast more informed

      • Former Pigtown Advocate says:

        Nice try.

        That was a statement about people who use religion as a dodge and hustle who happen to be black, not a blanket statement about AA men. The ignorant person would be the person who fails to understand the difference…in this case, you.

      • Former Pigtown Advocate says:

        Calling any criticism of anyone who happens to be dark skinned “racism” is a transparent attempt to silence discussion, a sign that you know damn well I’m right, and it really, really cheapens the word.

        There’s real racism out there to deal with, but trying to scare people off from criticizing your corrupt nonsense by using the R-word demeans the standing of the real victims of racism out there.

  5. Former Pigtown Advocate says:

    …who exposes criminals and corrupt officials. But that’s a weird definition.

  6. aaron wilkes says:

    why massa meister black folk can’t walk in front of your plantation just so you know slavery ended in 1865 and witherspoon as a free black man doesn’t need massa meister’s permission

    • Joe C. says:

      Actually slavery ended in 1863 when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. You can find out facts like this in books, try cracking one.

      • aaron wilkes says:

        well just as soon as you stop being an uncle tom darkie for massa meister how about that joe c

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