Mary Conaway owes the city $9362.32 in back taxes and late fees

In the Sun there is an article about numerous people losing their invalid homestead property tax credits. For months I have posted about the homestead tax credit that Register of Wills Mary Conaway was receiving at a house on Cross Country Boulevard. Mary is supposed to be married to Frank Conaway Sr. and if she is still married to him then they can only receive a homestead property tax credit at ONE HOUSE. In March this blog was the first news entity that revealed that the Conaways were receiving a homestead property tax credits at three houses! Our elected officials should know better, they should have to play by the rules.

It appears that Mary Conaway has been forced to play by the rules by the cash strapped city of Baltimore. Her updated previous three tax bills for her Cross Country house can now be looked up here. She is no longer receiving the credit retroactively and now owes the city $9362.32 in back taxes and late fees! This blog played a major role in forcing the Conaway family to finally play by the rules.

Below are links to copies of the updated property tax bills:

2012= $1492.16 owed

2011= $2106.56 owed

2010= $5763.60 owed

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