The Baltimore pay to play epidemic and Sheriff John Anderson

I am in a rush so this is just an expansion of a comment I left on the Baltimore Brew’s site. Make sure you read my post from 2010 about the useless Baltimore Sheriff’s Office.

Why is anyone shocked (by this)? This has been common practice for years. Almost every single developer gives money to politicians. They do so because they expect to be paid back. I know Baltimore Brew gets its kicks from “brewing” class warfare, but the local poverty pimps in charge of so-called foundations and charity groups that get most of their funds from the tax payers, also make donations to politicians because they expect to be paid back (and thus continue to make $80k a year as a complaining poverty pimp). Just this week Van Smith clearly documents how do-nothing Sheriff Anderson gets political donations from 60% of his useless 192 person staff!!!!  Yes his office has 192 people in it and you better believe that AT LEAST 60% of them do nothing all day at “work”. Give my campaign some money and you get to keep your useless job.

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A political welfare whore and some potentially cool judges

First the disgusting news.

Former Baltimore City Councilman (who supposedly retired after being a blemish on the chamber from 1988 until 2011) Nick D’Adamo now magically lives in Essex and is running for a 6th district seat (representing Baltimore County) in the Maryland House of Delegates. For years this statist scum who would starve without the government was paid by the citizens of Baltimore to do nothing. Now that this rat is being paid a pension by the totally over-taxed citizens of Baltimore he wants to take more money from taxpayers so he is using the political donations that idiots gave him while he did nothing in Baltimore’s city council to run for another office representing another jurisdiction.  Quite the life if you are willing to be a state addicted leech!

Liquor Board Chairman Steve Fogleman is running for Judge of the Orphans` Court in Baltimore. I fully endorse him. No media outlet seems to think it is important to mention that a sitting liquor board chair is running for political office. The local print media is too busy crying about how some of them might not have jobs soon even though it has been OBVIOUS FOR OVER A DECADE THAT PRINT MEDIA IS DYING.  Have fun writing about yourselves while ignoring real news while you still have a job (which won’t be for very much longer).

The great Page Croyder is running for Judge of the Circuit Court of Baltimore! I fully endorse her over the current state addicted scum infesting the bench.

Now that is some classic Adam Meister! Glad to make a random appearance. :)

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City audit related hearing at City Hall on Thursday

In 2012 “The Park Advocate” Chris Delaporte tried to get the city of Baltimore to audit its departments. It was a logical and simple idea that could have easily been implemented. Since it made sense and this is Baltimore it never became a full reality. Chris Delaporte has not given up and he wants me to tell all of you that on Thursday you can attend a hearing dealing with auditing Baltimore:

“The Taxation, Finance and Economic Development Committee will meet on Thursday, December 12, 2013 in the City Council Chambers, 4th Floor, City Hall, at the times listed below to consider the following legislation:

10:00 a.m. CC 12-0151 – City Audits Commission

10:15 a.m. CC 12-0174 – Agency Audits Online

You are invited to attend the hearings.”

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Is Antonio Hayes running for House of Delegates in the 40th?

In 2006 Antonio Hayes barely missed out on being elected to represent the 40th district in the Maryland House of Delegates.  Today I received an invite to an Antonio Hayes event which leads me to believe that he will be running in the 40th district again. The race in the 40th is already quite crowded although Hayes is known to be associated with Sheila Dixon so that should help him if he really is running. Stay tuned.

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Big trouble for Joan Carter Conway and more good news for Bill Henry

This is shaping up to be a bad month for State Senator Joan Carter Conway. Watch the video below. Yes this woman (who smacks the camera like a thug) is really a state senator (43rd district)!

I find it very interesting that a government official is a prominent bidder (helping drive up the price) in a “government auction”:

Nice to see the ignorant police woman spouting nonsense while another woman with a camera phone is (rightfully) not harassed by authorities. What is really going on here? Are some people in Baltimore (politicians) more important than others?

The Baltimore Sun covers the story here (but conveniently forgets to post the full length video that I posted).

You have to love this quote from the esteemed state senator:

“He’s an angry, vindictive person”

If he is angry what does that make the state senator who ghetto smacks a guy’s camera after her “friend” has verbally spazed out on the same guy?

Read about some other controversial Conway antics here.

Councilman Bill Henry was also in attendance although he did not bid and he acted civilized. It turns out that Henry just announced that he will be running against Slap the Camera Conway in 2014:

Bill Henry Announces State Senate Run

For Immediate Release

November 7, 2013


Friends of Bill Henry


(Baltimore, MD) – At a series of gatherings held earlier this week, Baltimore City Councilman Bill Henry (D-4th) announced his intention to run for the Maryland State Senate next spring in North & Northeast Baltimore’s newly-redrawn 43rd Legislative District.

“I love the job I have now, but there are important issues that impact our communities which can only be addressed at the state level,” said Henry. “In two terms on the City Council, I’ve been privileged with the opportunity to help a lot of people, but I believe I can help even more in the State Senate.”

Henry made his announcement to several dozen supporters Tuesday morning, at a series of events spread across the 43rd District. The first was at a morning meeting at Santorini’s on York Road in Henry’s current Council district, then moving to a mid-day meeting at The Red Canoe on Harford Road, and concluding with an evening event at the Peabody Heights Brewery in the Abell community.

When asked about specific issues he plans to address in the General Assembly, Henry listed liquor regulation, responsible banking practices, charter schools, additional funding for school facilities, and environmental preservation among his priorities. As a state senator, Henry has pledged to continue his practice of hosting districtwide community meetings each year, as well as continuing to regularly attend individual neighborhood meetings.

At 45, Henry is one of the youngest veteran members of the Council, chairing the Housing & Community Relations committee and serving as vice chair of the Taxation, Finance & Economic Development and Education & Youth committees. Henry introduced the City Council’s first successful resolution supporting civil marriage at the State level and just last year succeeded in passing landmark Late-Night Commercial Operations licensing legislation, which for the first time provides residents across the City with a process through which they can have a say in the hours of operation for problem businesses in their communities.

A graduate of several schools in the 43rd District, Henry earned a master’s of business administration degree with a concentration in finance from Loyola University Maryland, after receiving an undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University, where he focused on urban studies and public policy. Henry lives in the North Baltimore neighborhood of Radnor-Winston with his wife Ruth and their two daughters, both of whom attend Baltimore City Public Schools.


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A robocall from the mayor invites me to a telephone town hall without a phone number

Today my answering machine recorded up an unenthusiastic message from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. The mayor invited me to participate in a “telephone town hall” on Wednesday at 6:30PM, but she forgot to leave the phone number I am supposed to call in order to participate.  I searched around for more information pertaining to this telephone town hall, but I could only find two references to a recently held Baltimore telephone town hall.  The first reference came in today’s “The Neighborhood News” weekly email newsletter from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods:

“Earlier in the week Mayor Rawlings-Blake also held a Telephone Town Hall with residents in East and Northeast Baltimore. The mayor got a lot of good questions from residents and discussed jobs, city services, recreation opportunities for kids, vacant housing, education, and much more. Cabinet in the Community and the Telephone Town Hall are great opportunities for Baltimore residents to be directly engaged in their government—to see government in action and to hold government accountable.”

There was no mention of this week’s telephone town hall.

I also came up with this link which originates on the site of a political strategist (I bold the very interesting part):

“Baltimore Mayor Speaks with Community Using Telephone Town Hall
October 24, 2013

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake connected with thousands of city residents to take questions from the community and to highlight her important initiative “Cabinet in the Community.” The event targeted residents of Northwest and Northeast Baltimore where the event will be held later this month, bringing together residents and members of the Mayor’s cabinet to address needs in the community.

Telephone Town Hall technology provides a way for official offices to reach out to their constituencies in a controlled environment. Questions are prescreened by operators, allowing the official and his or her staff to control the tone and direction of the conversation. Political campaigns often use telephone town hall events to explain why voters should support a candidate, but adapting the event to official offices allows elected officials to engage within their communities.”

So the taxpayers are paying a private political strategist to give them the privilege of asking the mayor what amounts to a planted question so she appears to be accessible, transparent, and able to answer “random” questions from constituents. The exercise is so controlled that there is little marketing for the event and the call (that only came the day before the town hall) that promoted the event left out the necessary participation phone number.  Another expensive waste that is only being embarked on because it is supposed to personally market the mayor for bigger and better things.

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I was a prolific blogger!

I had not checked out my old blog for a long time. I am glad the classics are still up there. The blog is an interesting Baltimore time capsule.

It is unfortunate that did not allow me to post my August 1, 2011 victory post (the only time they pulled such a move). Had they just allowed me to express my opinion (like they always had) then I probably would still be be blogging for them.  I am glad I did not compromise.

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